Founder's Note

ProfiTech's Founder Introduction

With a top-ranked global MBA and a stellar 12-year career in semiconductor and heavy machinery supply chain, I bring a wealth of experience in strategic sourcing, procurement, and supplier management. Having recently relocated from China to Europe, I founded ProfiTech with a vision to bridge global suppliers and talents with European manufacturers and investors.

My journey began at Intel Corporation, a world-renowned chipmaker. During my seven years at Intel's Global Supply Chain (Gartner's top 5 Supply Chain award winner) I managed key strategic supplier accounts, negotiated multimillion-dollar contracts, and developed and implemented commodity sourcing strategies. I know what it takes to qualify a reliable alternative source of equipment and spare parts from an insider perspective. I managed complex projects for three Intel's fabs construction and M&A.

Prior to Intel, I led and managed multiple sourcing projects for international companies in construction industry.

My academic journey includes an MBA degree from Hult International Business School, ranked among the top 15 Best MBA programs by Forbes. Fluent in Chinese, English, French, and Russian, I thrive in diverse and cross-cultural environments, embodying a high EQ, resilience, and a growth mindset.

ProfiTech is my commitment to fostering international partnerships and driving innovation in semiconductor components and equipment sourcing. Contact me for collaborative opportunities and groundbreaking proposals as we navigate the future of the semiconductor industry together.

Welcome to ProfiTech, where expertise meets innovation in the dynamic world of semiconductors.
I am Anna Rignac, the founder and driving force behind our mission to forge international connections within the semiconductor industry.